Aside from just having volunteers to map on meet-up days, I will be needing help with other parts of the project. Feel free to apply for any of the positions…there really aren’t any requirements…but it also doesn’t pay anything. But, I can provide benefits! All work sessions can happen at my house were I have a pool. I’ll let you use it if you help me out! (Who needs health care when you have a pool?)

Run meet-ups in your neighborhood
Explain project and send out people to map
Hand out flyers and hang up posters
Graphics and website
Assist in developing a real website (because I don’t know how!) and help with designing
posters and flyers
Media Relations
Help get the word out to newspapers, magazines, and other blogs
Grant Research
Help me find grants to we can have someone else pay to print the final maps

Map on your own!
If you can’t make it to any meet-up days, you can still help map! Tell me what neighborhood you’d like to map in, I’ll send you some maps, and then I’ll pick them up from you when you’re done.

So, Lauren, with all these help, what are you going to be doing?
Well, a lot actually…I will run most of the meet-ups, print all the maps, buy supplies, process the data, write a big long paper of why mapping for cyclist is important and how this will help new orleans, and the value of community mapping…and, well, you get the idea. Finally, I’ll produce a super sweet final map and then figure out a way to distribute it all over the city and on the web!


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