Mapping Dates and Neighborhoods

Don’t forget this weekend to come out to either Washington Park on Saturday at 3 or Jackson Square on Sunday at 3 to help collect data and learn more about the project/get involved.

Next weekend I’m planning on mapping my neck of the woods – Irish Channel/Lower Garden District. Walking around this weekend, I noticed every store on Magazine has a place for flyers or posters for community events. Flyering all up and down Magazine will be a great way to get more people involved!

Saturday 19th – 3pm at Coliseum Square by the Fountain, we’ll be mapping the Lower Garden District, Irish Channel, and St. Thomas between the highway and Louisiana Street from the river up to St. Charles Ave.
Sunday 20th – 3pm at Lawrence Square (Napoleon and Magazine) by the basketball court. We’ll be mapping Uptown/Riverside between Louisiana and Nashville from the River up to St. Charles.

Now…the following weekend I’d like to do Midcity or the 8th and Upper 9th Ward with the kids from Rubarb. I’ll need help organizing the Midcity meet-ups though because that’s a part of town I don’t know as well and I’m not sure where to flyer. What’s your thoughts? Where should we go next?


2 responses to “Mapping Dates and Neighborhoods

  1. Simon Dorfman

    Hello, I just saw your post to craigslist. Looks like a great project! I’m going to be out of town this weekend, but I’ll try to attend future events.

  2. Just keep checking back – I’ll post new dates as soon as I figure them out (okay, I promise to get the dates for the rest of the summer figured out in a week or two).

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