Thanks for coming out yesterday! Also, some updates on the project

Thanks everyone who came out Saturday.  Hopefully we’ll all be in the paper soon so we have something to send to Mom and Dad to make them proud (at least that’s my plan).   I’d also like to thank Susan from the Times-Picayune for highlighting biking events in the city.  I tried to drop the names of every other bike event and group in the city, so hopefully everyone will get some press from this. 

So some things we learned:
-Off-brand plastic bags break in 30 minutes of carrying markers.  I’ll go get some Zip-lock bags today
-Mapping really only takes an hour to an hour and a half tops.  
-Working with a partner goes pretty fast.  Patrick and I worked out a pretty awesome method.  Ride down the middle street on your map, then each person bikes up a down a section of cross street then decides the quality.  We did that and finished in about 45 minutes.  
-Always invite Food Not Bombs to cater your cycling events.
-Hats and sunscreen are nice.  Bottles of water are a must.  For August, we’ll start mapping around 5 or 6 instead of 3 because it’s cooler…but I already printed out like 180 flyers saying we’re starting at 3 for the next two weeks, so I guess we’re starting at 3 for the next two weeks.
Today, come on out to Jackson Sqaure to help map the French Quarter, downtown, and Treme.  We’ll probably leave around 3:30, so if you weren’t here yesterday and you need the mapping method explained to you, please slow up at 3. 

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