Neighborhood Game Plan – PLEASE COMMENT!

So we also decided for sake of my senior thesis, that we’re going to focus on neighborhoods south of I-610. After spring and I’m all done with school, we’ll work on finishing the rest of the city. Honestly, I’m not terribly crazy about this idea – I really want to do all of the main city (New Orleans East and the West Bank past Algiers might have to wait awhile). But if fall and winter go really well, I think we can still get all of the Lake-side neighborhoods done too.

Anyway, here’s a game plan I just thought of for the rest of the summer:
August 9, 10 – Mid-City and Garden District (rain and high temperatures didn’t make for a good turn out on those days)
August 16, 17 – 7th Ward, Lower 9th/Holy Cross
August 23, 24 – Upper 9th/8th Ward, Algiers Point
August 30, 31 – Tulane Area, Audubon Area/Riverside
September 6, 7 – OFF (little bro is coming into town)
September 13 or 14 – City Park end of summer BBQ and Lakeview/Gentilly mapping

These are not confirmed yet, but just an idea. There will be more dates through the fall, but those won’t be decided for awhile.
Let me know what you think! Also, if you live in any of these neighborhoods and what to help promote and organize, I’m willing to switch up days to work better for you.


3 responses to “Neighborhood Game Plan – PLEASE COMMENT!

  1. Hi Lauren,

    I’m willing to put together a speadsheet, neighborhood by neighborhood, of streets and which blocks have been mapped so that people who are on their way to work can fill in what the road condition is like. I’ll put it into google docs and send it to you. I think this is an innovative way by which you could get more of the city mapped. Let me know what you think. Also, let me know which neighborhoods are done so I don’t repeat them.

  2. Adrian, how would a spreadsheet be easier than looking at a visual map and recording conditions on that? Maybe I just hate spreadsheets because I always find myself doing them at work. Anyway, maybe my mind is just numb from working on spreadsheets right now, so give me a call and we’ll talk about it.


  3. Hi Adrian, what is your web site? I’d like to see one of these mashups.

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