Carrollton and Mid-City DIY maps posted

DIY maps for the Mid-City and Carrollton areas are now posted!  These are maps you can do on your free time and scan or mail back to me when you’re finished.


3 responses to “Carrollton and Mid-City DIY maps posted

  1. Hi Lauren. What are you using to create your maps? There are many great websites out there that will help you do your mapping.

  2. I’m going to use ArcGIS and Adobe Illustrator actually since I’m going to do a print publication. Down here in the Third World (aka Louisiana) there are still a lot of people without access to the internet at home. Plus, I like my maps to be pretty. Google maps – not so pretty.

  3. However, Google maps has added street view. the view is from this year. This may help supplement the mapmaking, especially the DIY mapmaking.

    what do you think?


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