Has the NOPD been ignoring you when you report bike-related crimes? (Or any crime for that matter)

It’s come to my attention that in the last month or so, the NOPD has been almost completely ignoring crimes committed against cyclists. The police know where the man who hit David Gordon lives, but won’t act because he has out-of-state plates. Also, a number of cyclists have been attacked by a pair of teenage boys throwing things at them through the Marigny and the Bywater. When people tried to report these crimes, the police ignored them too.

The author of Humidcity.com sent an e-mail to Jac at Defend New Orleans recommending how concerned citizens of New Orleans can help. This is part of the letter:

New Orleans has a Metropolitan Crime Commision, which oversees
corruption and malfeasance of local government. I believe that these
recent failures by the NOPD, at least in our neck of the woods merits
their action. I urge each and every one of you to make contact, and
let them know how you feel about living like fish in a barrel.

Mr. John Humphries has been receptive about hearing these complaints.
Please be polite & concise. The Metropolitan Crime Commision can be
reached by phone at: 540 524-7000 or toll free at 888 524-7001. The
email address is: info@metrocrimeno.org Simple letters can make a
huge difference in large numbers.

I’ve also received an email from Baty Landis at SilenceIsViolence,
letting me know that many citizens are outraged, like myself (read my
posts about this), about Mayor Ray Nagin accepting an award for
bravery and recovery from his millionaire developer friends. We are
planning on assembling for protest. The Award Ceremony takes place
Friday Night at the Ritz Carlton, at 7pm. I urge all who are
interested to meet there for the Silence Is Violence protest at 6pm

This is a chance to make our collective voices heard. Contacting the
Metro Crime Commision about the failure of our local police is a
chance to tell your individual story. Please, do whatever you can to
help make a difference. The life you save could be yours or that of
one you love.

Lord David
Skull Club
New Orleans

I try to keep things positive, but sometimes enough is enough. If you or someone you know has been ignored by the NOPD (I think that would include everyone living in New Orleans) – SPEAK UP!!!!


2 responses to “Has the NOPD been ignoring you when you report bike-related crimes? (Or any crime for that matter)

  1. This is off topic, but just so you know there has been a New Orleans Bike Map published by Richard Campanella, a professor of geography at Tulane University. It’s certainly not great but probably something worth seeing. I used to have a copy but seem to have lost it somewhere otherwise I’d post it.

  2. Thanks for giving me the name of the person who did this older bike map. I heard about the Tulane map and have seen a small section of it online. I’ll send Prof. Campanella an e-mail!

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