crunkical mass?

while i was bumming around jackson square last friday night before critical mass, a friendly mysterious girl handed me THIS:

crunkical mass? bicycles? costumes? booze? sign me up!

i’ll be heading out here after Saturday’s mapping event, and i suggest everyone shows up to map and then head down to washington square park for this most momentous event. (it’s okay if you want to wear your costume during the mapping event, too.)

this saturday, october 4th! party ride!

edit: actually, i’m making $75 calling in election results from voting places for WWLTV on the 4th. but i still endorse this event. hell, i’ll do my own party ride calling in the votes.


2 responses to “crunkical mass?

  1. Tom, voting day is November 4th. You can still make the event!

  2. mais non! october 4th and november 4th. we vote on congressional representatives et al. on the 4th.

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