New website URL! New e-mail addresses!


Thanks to my wonderful roommate, Brook, NolaCycle has now secured and!  So when you type in, it’ll direct you to this blog!  We’ll set it up to do the same with the .org address too.  Eventually, we’re going to a have much more user friendly and professional site, once again thanks to Brook, but that probably won’t be for a couple more weeks/months (we’re both really busy people).  I’ll also probably have to babysit her dog a few more times to pay for it too.

With our snazzy new url comes snazzy new e-mail addresses for the NolaCycle team!  
Lauren =
Tom =
Dan =
So simple and easy, you’ll never have to try to remember our personal e-mail addresses ever again!  But, incase you forget our fancy new e-mail addresses, I’ll still check every once in a while.
Feeling left out?  Really want a fancy e-mail address?  Well if you help run events, promote, or just volunteer a ton, you can have one too!  I can register up to 200 e-mail addresses with that address!
Also, also…
The NolaCycle project proposal paper will up online in PDF format soon so you can read it!  Okay, I know most of you probably don’t care to read the paper because you know what’s going on, but I know some people in other cities have been interested in doing a similar project in their town.  The paper will outline the methodology of how NolaCycle works from start to how we hope it’ll finish.  It won’t be really good because it’s just the first stage of the senior problem project that I’m being forced to do, but come June, there will be really nice, professional paper about the NolaCycle project that will be available.  

One response to “New website URL! New e-mail addresses!

  1. Hey, thanks for the shoutout :). I just saw this.

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