Brydum Tandem has a facebook group and I need help planning events around Mardi Gras

Hey everyone! We’ve all been busy lately, so sorry if you haven’t seen us around. I’m currently trying to finish up this quarter at UC and calling/e-mail all my friends in Nola trying to find a place to live. So…if you have a room to sublet from January 1st to March 31st near downtown, I might just be the subleasee for you!

In bike related news, Eira launched a facebook group for the Brydum Tandem Project. This is the bike buddy program I’ve been trying to convince you all to help with. Here’s the run down on the project from Eira:
“In response to the recent death of San Francisco activist Kirsten Brydum, New Orleans area cyclists have proposed the idea of implementing a “bike buddy” program. Cyclists in need of a fellow cyclist to accompany them to their destination would call a dispatch hotline, and in turn, the hotline operator would dispatch the “bike buddy” on duty for the night. We are currently looking for dispatchers, and ESPECIALLY those willing to work a shift as a bike buddy escort. We can also use the help of people with cars, as well as those who can help patch tires.

If you are interested in helping to plan this program, whether as a bike buddy or dispatcher, please get in touch in one of these ways:
1. Sending a message to Eira, the creator of this group
2. Emailing your contact information and general availability
3. Attending our weekly meeting on Wednesday at 7 pm at the Iron Rail Bookshop and Library (511 Marigny, New Orleans LA)”

Also, this is going to be my first Mardi Gras in New Orleans, so I need help figuring out how to plan events in the winter to avoid overlap with big events and parades. I’ve seen some parade listings and whatnot, but I need to know which ones cover all the parades, when they start, what other big events should I avoid conflict with, or should I just be like “screw it, we won’t do any events in February.”
Also, if you’re thinking, “Lauren, you started this project back in June, where’s the map? How much of if is done?” I would encourage you to e-mail UC’s School of Planning and tell them to drop the paper requirement of senior project. Seriously, do it. They already know how I feel, but maybe they’ll listen to an angry public more then me. As far as when it looks like the map will be completed with all the final touches, all nice and pretty and ready for printing in June. I should have a good working copy that you can download from this site by the end of March. Somehow, between New Years, Mardi Gras, going out 3 days a week, and work, I’m going to have to really get cranking on this. I forgot how hard it was to do anything that matters when you’re busy doing meaningless papers and projects for your professors.

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