Events for this weekend: Hollygrove and the 7th Ward

We had some really great events last weekend – new faces and completed neighborhoods! The weather was really nice this weekend too. Couldn’t be any better!

Phil from the Tulane Bike Shack figured out the best way to map city streets this weekend – the use of a tandem! The front person steers while the back rider fills out the maps! You can just keep rolling the whole time and you don’t need to stop to fill things out.

We have events for you guys this weekend again. We’ll be doing Hollygrove on Saturday and the 7th Ward on Sunday. On Saturday we’ll be meeting on Olive Street near the Hollygrove Market and Cuccia-Byrnes Park. There are some baseball fields there and we’ll probably just be hanging out in front of those across the street from the Market. If you haven’t been to Hollygrove Market yet you should go check it out. Right now they’re getting everything ready to be an urban agricultural site and produce store but while they’re still building planting beds and fixing everything up and you pick up a box of locally grown produce on Saturdays between 10am and 2pm for $25. You have to e-mail them ahead of time to reserve the box. If you’re curious about it, Saturday’s mapping event will be a good time to stick your head in there and check it out. Eira and I have been getting them for 3 weeks now and we love it. I’d recommend spliting a box with a friend because it’s a lot of food.

On Sunday we’ll be in the 7th Ward at the neutral ground park at St. Bernard Ave and AP Tureaud Ave. There is a statue there and some park benches.

Both events are going to be from noon to 2pm. As always, try to get there as close to noon as possible so we can get everything done in time. We’ll be sending out people in pairs or small groups, so bring your friends!


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